CEO Greeting

Warm Greetings to Everyone!
We extend a heartfelt welcome to the official website of Livingcare Development of Materials.
Livingcare Development of Materials Co., Ltd. is a pioneering manufacturer specializing in thermoelectric semiconductors. We take pride in being the first and only company in Korea to receive domestic reliability certification (awarded by the Korea Agency for Technology and Standards in 2004), recognizing the exceptional quality and reliability of our products.
Leveraging our extensive expertise and advanced technology in thermoelectric semiconductors, we have grown into a trusted provider focused on enhancing thermoelectric semiconductor performance. Moreover, we have expanded our scope to include the development of innovative materials for thermoelectric cooling and power generation. As a result, we have emerged as a leading expert in custom component development and cutting-edge thermoelectric cooling technologies.
We are dedicated to maintaining rigorous quality control and continuously improving performance at every stage, from material selection to the delivery of finished products. Our commitment extends beyond mere customer satisfaction; we strive to go above and beyond, leaving a lasting impression through our unwavering dedication. Rest assured, every member of our company is committed to delivering the utmost excellence.